Shatta Wale: 11 Unpopular Facts About The Controversial Ghanaian Artist

Shatta Wale, of recent, is becoming increasingly popular not just in his home country, Ghana, but also all over the world.

Shatta Wale

In Ghana’s entertainment industry, the singer, songwriter, and CEO of the Shatta Movement Empire is nothing less of a wave-maker. Talk about Ghanaian artists everyone is raving about and you will soon hear the name “Shatta Wale”.

We will be looking at some interesting facts you may not know – from his starting out as a musician, his controversies, to his most recent collab with Beyonce.

1. What is Shatta Wale’s Real Name?


Wale was born to Charles Mensah and Elsie Evelyn Avemegah in Accra, Ghana on the 17th of October, 1984. He was named Charles Nii Armah Mensah.

2. He would have been a Lawyer.


While Wale’s intense passion to do music made him lose interest in schooling, his parents still wanted him to be a lawyer. His father forced him to complete his high school education in the Volta Region of Ghana. Nonetheless, he pursued his musical dream, started writing and recording music pieces from his school days.

3. “Shatta Wale” is not his first stage name. Not even the second.

From “Doggy” to “Bandana” to “Shatta Wale” (

The ‘Akwele Take’ singer started off with the name ‘Doggy’ in high school. This was inspired by a popular Ghanaian reggae musician, Yoggy-Doggy. He later decided to rebrand to “Bandana” and even released a hit track dubbed “Bandana from Ghana” in 2004.

In 2013, he reappeared not as Bandana but as “Shatta Wale”. According to him, Shatta, is a Jamaican slang for ‘Gangster’, while WALE is an acronym for ‘World Alerted Lyrical Entertainer’. Now you know!

4. He’s a Badass Dancehall artist


When he was still Bandana, Wale took a long hiatus off the music stage. So long to almost be forgotten but he was in Jamaica, learning the music genre he loves so much – Dancehall.
He is presently the most Awarded Dancehall artist in Africa and one of the most awarded dancehall artists in the world.

5. 118 Tracks in One Night!

It rained cats and dogs on that day, but neither Shatta Wale nor his fans were bothered. (Google)

The ‘Dancehall King’ hitmaker, broke a world record after he performed 118 songs in one night. This was at the 2016 SallahFest on 23 July, in Nima. No artist has ever performed such a number of songs in a row!

6. How did his Controversy Start?

Shatta Wale. (ghgossip)

Shatta’s inclination to controversy started at the 2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). What made the moment so memorable? He claimed he was the legitimate winner of VGMA’s dancehall Artist of the Year and accused them of giving it to another artist “Kaakie”. He later released a song titled ‘Me Need No Awards’ in which he shaded the VGMA.

After all these, he released a hit that brought him fully to the limelight of Ghana’s music industry. This was titled “Dancehall King”. The artiste, however, has been known for voicing his opinion no matter how “unacceptable” it appears.

Watch Shatta do his thing in the Dancehall King video below!

7. Shatta Wale is an Actor


Many do not know this other side of Shatta Wale. Coupled with his prowess in dancehall, he’s got some acting skills. He featured in Shattered Lives, a movie starring other Ghanaian stars Bisa Kdei and Majid Michel. He also starred another movie “Never Say Never”.

8. First Ghanaian to Organize a Digital Concert


“Faith Concert” is what he calls it. Shatta organized this digital concert on YouTube to bring hope to Ghanaians and his global audience during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

9. Shatta Wale has won over 70 awards from 120 nominations from 2013 to 2020.

Shatta Wale is currently the most Awarded Dancehall artist in Africa. (legitvoice)

Wale won the best new artist at the International Reggae and World Music Awards in 2014. He was nominated and won GN Bank’s award People’s Choice Male Musician. As part of its annual survey of influential figures in Ghana, he was named the 38th most influential Ghanaian by E-TV Ghana in 2015. He is currently the most Awarded Dancehall artist in Africa and one of the most awarded dancehall artists in the world.

10. Shatta Wale Plans To Marry at 72

Shatta Wale and his wife, Michelle (monteozlive)

Though Shatta Wale is traditionally married to Michelle with two children, the king of dancehall has said he will finally settle down for family life when he turns 72. Controversial again, right?!

11. You Probably Know This “Already”

On July 31, 2020, Shatta Wale featured in Beyonce’s Already music video. This was a part of The Lion King: The Gift music album released in 2019. This standout track is arguably one of the best songs on the music album.

Watch the ALREADY music video below:

Which of the above was new to you about Shatta Wale?

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