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Do you dream of turning your creative passion into a thriving business? Are you a BIDHAAR vendor looking to take your skills and knowledge to the next level?


Look no further than KOCHA, BIDHAAR’s sister company dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs like you!


KOCHA offers a comprehensive suite of resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey, including:

  • Mentorship & Coaching: Connect with experienced professionals who can guide you, answer your questions, and provide invaluable support.
  • Educational Workshops & Courses: Gain practical skills and knowledge in areas like business planning, marketing, finance, and e-commerce.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your network, connect with other creative entrepreneurs, and forge valuable connections.
  • Community Support: Be part of a supportive community that fosters collaboration, idea-sharing, and inspiration.


KOCHA is perfect for:

  • Aspiring and established creative entrepreneurs.
  • BIDHAAR vendors seeking to refine their business acumen.
  • Anyone passionate about turning their creative talents into a successful venture.


Here’s what sets KOCHA apart:

  • Africa-Centric Focus: KOCHA understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by African creatives in the global marketplace.
  • Industry Expertise: Our team comprises experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the creative industries.
  • Community-Driven Approach: KOCHA fosters a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs learn from each other and support each other’s growth.

Ready to take your creative journey to the next level?

Visit KOCHA’s website today and explore the exciting possibilities that await!

Together, BIDHAAR and KOCHA empower African creativity to flourish on a global scale!

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