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Hi, We Are Bidhaar.

Our Story.

BIDHAAR is the brand incubator bringing forward the Epitome of the Afrourban Story. We function as an experiential concept store, showroom, and boutique agency for Africa’s creative and cultural industries globally.

We collaborate with premium African-inspired brands across fashion, beauty, music, art, home decor, entertainment, and all other cultural lifestyle categories who have unique products and experiences to share with the world through leveraging on authentic storytelling.

With a strong belief that Africa needs Trade not Aid, we co-create with artisans, brands, designers, entertainers and creatives both on the continent and its diaspora community to build a better life for Africans everywhere. With the ultimate goal of diminishing income gaps and at the same time taking back the narrative of our creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, and cultural heritage.

Our Vision

An Africa denoted for Trade, Innovation, and rapid Socio-Economic Development and not Aid.

Our Mission

To create the desire for Authentic & Quality African products and experiences globally through showcasing and celebrating its culture, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Get in Touch.

BIDHAAR is the Epitome of the AFROURBAN story curating products and experiences from some of the most vibrant and exciting artisans, designers, brands, and creatives from the continent and its diaspora communities. Authentically celebrating and telling untold stories synonymous to numerous cultures and kingdom within the continent.

Where to Find Us

133A Rye Lane, Market Peckham
London, Uk
SE15 4BQ +44 7714 382796

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