7 Sunday Habits For A Productive New Week

Hey, it’s Sunday again. New week, new challenges, right? Relax. There are tons of problems and one of you. How do you manage it all while staying sane and productive for the new week? Let’s help you figure it out.

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Do you know that your mind is only as good as the thoughts you allow into it? So, it’s like, dreaming of a perfect body on a carb diet and zero workout routine. You only get what you invest in because Life is Garbage In, Garbage Out, and when it comes to your mental space, you are in charge.

Now, let’s help you stay on top of things despite all of life’s drama. Here are 7 Sunday habits you can master to get you sharp and ready for the new week!

1. Start with a slow morning 

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Wake up, smell the coffee. Sundays are Life’s gift to you after another crazy week, so why rush? Allow yourself a late morning, longer hours of meditation, a hearty breakfast, and some tea or coffee to get you started.

Remember to treat yourself with love and patience, every hour you dedicate to alone time is precious. You are in charge here.

2. Let’s do a recap, shall we?

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This is your life’s episode of ‘Previously on…..’  where you take into account everything that happened the week before. Try answering the following:

  1. What were last week’s goals?
  2. Which goals did you tick off your checklist?
  3. For the goals you didn’t accomplish, why do you think that happened?
  4. What were the highlights of the week?
  5. What were the downsides?
  6. How can do better on all aspects going forward?

3. Write your to-do list (…and leave nothing out!)

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To-do lists are how you come face to face with all your plans for a productive new week, laid out and detailed. Sunday is the best day in the week to map out a comprehensive list of responsibilities for the new week. You can categorize your tasks in three: High, mid, and low-priority. As the week unfolds, you should always check that you are prioritizing the right tasks off your to-do list.

4. Schedule, guys!

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The feeling that comes with knowing you have your new week planned out from Sunday is simply glorious. What does this mean? you can’t stop at to-do lists. Get a weekly planner to properly structure your tasks in the ways that you plan to implement them. If you can’t buy one yet, there are several weekly planner templates online that you can download, print, and use!

Remember that thanks to the internet, you can automate certain tasks depending on what you do. So, ask yourself, Is this something I can automatically schedule beforehand (Like I did with this blog post!), and do it.

5. Plan meals, outfits, and other aspects of your daily life

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Whatever you do, a man’s gotta eat. And, when you have a clear idea of your schedule for the week, meals are way easier to plan! Depending on how busy your schedule is, you can alternate between quick fixes and full meals. Make sure to keep it healthy, tasty, and with a bit of variety.

Also, plan your weekly outfits beforehand. May sound like a stressful thing to do until you wake up to an important meeting on a Wednesday with nothing to wear.

Anything else? A doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping? you guessed right! Plan.

6. It’s ‘You’ time!

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Time for some quality time with the most important person in the world, YOU. Always remind yourself that there are things you love to do outside of chasing adulthood drama. When best to indulge in these things than on a Sunday?

Do you love to curl up and read a book? binge on NETFLIX, or hang out with the people you love? Make Sunday the day. This is an ideal booster for starting a productive week.

P.S: Remember that skincare routine you said you were going to start? Check this out.

7. Early bedtime

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You stand a greater chance at a productive day/week with an early bedtime. So, after all, is said and done, and you have it all planned down, you should drop everything else and shut those eyes.

Sleep is an essential addition to your self-care routine. Cheers to getting as much of that as you can!

So, there you have it. And, as you apply these tips to your Sunday routine, don’t forget to include daily affirmations. They will help remind yourself that you’re doing great and you have the potential to do even better. Have an amazing week!

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