How Mature Are You? Check With These 7 Qualities

“Age is not maturity.”  That is a popular saying that still stands true till date. Getting to puberty, reaching the legal age, or even getting married does not automatically make you mature.

Many grow physically but still have a long way to go to be adults. Let us look at some qualities you need to exhibit in order to truly ‘grow up.’

1. Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility-mature

We make choices every day and they come with consequences. A mature person takes responsibility and is accountable for their actions.

2. Control of emotions

Control of emotions

One trait of maturity is keeping your emotions in check. It means you are less likely to be overwhelmed and react in a manner you may regret later.

3. Acknowledging that there’s a lot  you don’t know


One cannot possibly know everything, but it takes being mature to realize that there is a lot you do not know. A mature person is willing to learn, even from a younger person.

4. Accepting yourself


This may be difficult especially when others keep telling you what you should be. People will always have a version of what they want you to be. Being mature means embracing who you are no matter what. You will feel free this way than wanting to please others.

5. Compassion


This means you also think of other people instead of always putting your interests first. You make sacrifices for others. You celebrate when others are successful rather than be jealous of them.

6. Open-mindedness


Seeing things from others’ perspectives is a sign of maturity. You are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Rather than judging or labelling people, you are willing to see where they’re coming from and bridge the gap.

7. Gratitude


A mature person is grateful for what they have, instead of complaining about what they don’t have. A gratitude mindset makes you appreciate that not everyone is as fortunate as you are.

Which of these qualities do you think you have? What other traits do you think makes one mature?

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