5 Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Friendship

Every now and then, the important question surfaces: “Are you your friend’s friend?”

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A Friendship blossoms when two people drift toward each other because they share things in common or like each other’s personalities. The best friendships are the ones where each person helps the other grow, but some of your friends may not match your energy.

So, what are the chances of you getting into a one-sided friendship? Here are 5 signs to help you discern between real friendships and one-sided friendships:

90% of the time, you find yourself initiating conversations with them. Sometimes, they reply monotonously or do not reply at all. This may either be because they are bad at communicating or are simply not interested in being friends with you. If it’s the latter, it’s mentally and psychologically unhealthy for you to remain in it.

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2. They keep cancelling or bailing out of your plans

Real friends will want to turn up or go out with you. If they keep making excuses about why they can’t do Friday or Saturday, they are probably not interested. What’s worse is that you could find them on social media at that place you recommended but with other people.

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3. They don’t reciprocate your energy

Even when it is a topic that they re usually interested in, they always seem to zone out of conversations with you. These people are always on their phones when you visit them or always distracted when you go out with them. That’s a red flag. Be kind to yourself and slowly extract yourself from this friendship.

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4. They only contact you when they need you

This is the red flag of all red flags. When they text or call you only when they need financial help or your advice on something, you are in a one-sided friendship. It means your existence in their life is only for when they have a request. This is not at all healthy.

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5. They aren’t as good a friend to you as you are to them

Good friends support you, appreciate you, and connect you with opportunities they think are the right fit for you. If you do all these for them and they don’t for you, my dear ma’am/sir, you are in a one-sided friendship. It’s advisable to leave ASAP.

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You can however communicate your concerns with them and watch if they get better. If they are not in the least interested, it’s best for you to leave. Evaluate your friendships today and cut ties with toxicity.


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