Home Health: 5 Effective Ways To Use Rubbing Alcohol

Just as you need rubbing alcohol for antiseptic purposes, there are several other ways to put the bottle’s content to use. 

Here are five other handy uses.

rubbing alcohol hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

In the wake of the vicious COVID-19 pandemic, having a hand sanitiser, amongst other things, is very essential. The alcohol and aloe vera gel can quickly help to make one. Just mix two-thirds of rubbing alcohol with one-thirds of aloe vera gel, and you have what you need.


Everywhere you have a mirror in your apartment, dust and other dirt will always find a way of building up. Just spray the mirror with the alcohol. Wipe it, and you will be left with a clean, streak-free mirror.

Car Windshield

Scraping frost off your windshield is one of the most annoying things to do this winter. But then, Rubbing alcohol can keep the frost away. Mix one portion with eight parts of water and apply the solution to your car windows. It will prevent frost from forming on them.

permanent marker

Permanent marker

For permanent marker spots, dab it on the area and wipe clean. This works on a variety of surfaces, from plastics to ceramics. Not so permanent, after all.

Air freshener

Rubbing alcohol is an all-natural air freshener, and you can always add any fragrance you like.

Have you used rubbing alcohol for any other purpose besides these? Do share with us in the comments.






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