Clubhouse: The Invite-Only App Everyone’s Talking About

Listen in on the most exclusive conversation in the celebrity world ranging from Hmm-interesting to Oh-my-God-what?

If you still haven’t heard, it’s the new, members-only social media app that launched in April 2020. It is currently only available to those invited, and, wait for it, you also have to be an iPhone user.

As of December 2020, it had just over 3000 members; now, it has over 600k worldwide. The Clubhouse app is being named ‘the next big thing’ on socials, so what exactly is it?

What exactly is Clubhouse?

clubhouse app

Twitter is about words, Instagram, pictures, and Facebook, well, both, but Clubhouse connects people via audio, only.

Inside the app, you can see rooms of people talking. You can eavesdrop on or join in conversations that are already happening, leave whenever you like, or start one of your own. You can even ‘raise your hand’ if you also want to contribute.

Clubhouse is built to be a safe space where people can answer questions, lecture, showcase talents, and share stories without having recordings posted all over the internet. It has become the primary space for celebrities, media personalities, and adventure capitalists to share exclusive content and experiences. This means you can’t save audio anywhere on the app. Tons of content available to listen for free, but you can’t record anything. Is this interesting or what?

How can I get inside this Clubhouse?

Ask a friend that’s already in. Each new member has one invite, and after a while, you get three more, so you can eventually pick up to four friends to join with you.

Within a year of launch, its worth is in the region of $100 million, and its founders say they’re working to make it available to the public.

“Human connection is so important to us. The idea that technology can allow us to have meaningful conversations and deep, human connections with friends and interesting new people around the world, any time we want, instantly from our living rooms — that’s amazing to me. That’s the potential we get really excited about.”

– Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison




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