Falz’s ‘One Trouser’: Typical Lagos Drama Captured In 4 Minutes

Multi-talented artiste, Folarin Falana aka Falz has recently dropped a dramatic afrobeats single titled “One Trouser.”


The phrase “One Trouser” is an English derivative of the Yorùbá language – ‘A ti jo tese bo sokoto kan naa‘ (i.e, we have put our legs inside the same pants/trouser). It is an expression meaning there would be a fight among two or more people. When you hear “One Trouser”, just know it means trouble or some serious situation.

Produced by Bizzouch, the song exemplifies a real-life situation people face in the bubbling mega-city, Lagos, Nigeria. Here, Falz narrates the different gbege wey don burst (troubles caused) among private and commercial drivers, traders, and pedestrians.

‘One Trouser’ comes in after ‘Bop Daddy’ – Falz’s 2020 debut single featuring UK rapper, singer, and songwriter Ms. Banks.

‘Bop Daddy’ was and is still a club hip-pop banger with a melodic big-boy vibe. It got more attention through viral challenges like the Don’t Rush Challenge that brought so much fun during the Lockdown period.


Falz is undoubtedly one of the most versatile artistes in the Nigerian music industry. Talk about music, comic acts, rap, or trap, he flows smoothly every time.

Lyrics from One Trouser:

Something happen for Lagos
For Surulere Bode Thomas
Biggi gbege e don burst
Wey nobody go fit stop…

Watch the music video below:


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