What Do The Inscriptions On Your T-Shirt Say About You?

Let’s talk about the inscriptions on your T-shirts, one of the world’s most fun things to wear ever!

pexels-orione-conceição-2983467T-shirts are such cool wardrobe essentials, you can’t get enough of them. Just throw on a pair of pants, jeans, or a skirt, and you’re good to go.

Now, there’s something about T-shirts with inscriptions: they add spice to life in general. People see you wearing one and think: Hey, this says a lot about this person. 

Inscriptions are words that are written on or cut into a surface. They might be used as some sort of identification, to push a narrative and can double as affirmation cards. Often times, we have come across inscriptions that have made us smile, laugh, shed a tear, frown, cringe, introspect and so on. So, if you had to choose a T-shirt with an inscription today, what emotions are you trying to convey?

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So, what’s your T-shirt saying?

Once, I purchased a tee that had ‘No Boyfriend, No Problems’ inscribed on it. This was way before I had a boyfriend. Coincidentally, on the day my new boyfriend visited, I wore this tee. The irony!. As I saw him off to the bus-stop, a man called our attention to it and we laughed. They still talk about my Tee to date.

Now, for every T-shirt you wear that has an inscription on it, you’re making a statement. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about that. I just wanted to wear something comfortable.

Recently, quite a number of celebrities took pictures of themselves, solemn-faced, in a black shirt with the words “Arrest The Cops That Killed Breonna Taylor” to protest the injustice against Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was unjustly murdered by the police while sleeping in her home.

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For every time a person wore that T-shirt, information was passed without any spoken words, and the idea of it all is so powerful.

Also, I recall an episode of Glee, a musical series, where an assignment was given by the teacher to sing about each Glee member’s flaws while donning a t-shirt with these “flaws” written on them. This was an assertion that we are beyond our imperfections, and they should never limit us from our being our fullest selves.

This is how much power you can give a simple T-shirt.

Photo by @2k_toteshop on Instagram

What are some of the things you can put on a T-shirt? Motivational quotes, excerpts from books or poems, or words of affirmation. Not only does this say a lot about your personality, you never know who you might be inspiring.

How about we spread more kindness, positivity and love? Just a casual T-shirt, yet you may be making someone smile, igniting hope, or even saving a life.

Not to forget, T-shirts are so cool and afrourban! 

 I’d leave you with this awesome article on how to keep up the positive energy. Check it out here. xx 

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