“Don’t Rush” – The Biggest Challenge During Lockdown

In April, the Don’t Rush Challenge song came to the vanguard and took the internet by storm. In no time, it managed to become many people’s favorite.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak early this year, social distancing guidelines were in full effect. This saw many, all over the world, staying indoors. However, with the lockdown, a lot of people used and are still using social media to showcase their creativity.

More than ever, trends have taken center stage, with countless challenges. This could vary from singing, dancing to working out – basically anything. This is no surprise as millions of people are stuck at home and are increasingly turning to social media for entertainment.

The Don’t Rush challenge was named after the song Don’t Rush by Young T & Bugsey ft. Headie One. The essence is to virtually interact with your peers and family and flaunt your best transformation. This means from donning regular outfits to the best fashion styles.

How To Do The Don’t Rush Challenge


The challenge requires a group of people to shoot their parts individually and create a compilation. At the start, you have to shoot themselves in a home outfit. This could be your bathrobe or jammies.

After showing off your robe, you grab a makeup brush. Cover the phone camera with it. Remove it only to show the next part of yourself in a glamorous attire.

Besides using a makeup brush, people are using their creativity to opt for other things. Some use towels, hairbrushes, and even ATM cards to cover the camera. After everyone creates their video, use an editing app to merge them all. Now, you can post the video on your favorite social media platforms.

For as long as one can remember, social media has been associated with trends. Interestingly, many of these trends fizzle out almost as soon as they pop up. A few have stood the test of time. One of such is the #DontRushChallenge.

Who Inspired The Don’t Rush Challenge

The original video was first shared on Twitter on March 22 by 20-year-old business student Toluwalase Asolo. It featured Asolo and seven friends — of Congolese, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean, and Turks and Caicos Islands origins — from the University of Hull in the UK.

“The idea behind this challenge was to empower women worldwide as a lot of women have been made to believe that they are not as beautiful without makeup as they are with it. The challenge shows the individuality and versatility of women worldwide and with its tremendous universal response. We can feel the empowerment of these beautiful women as they embrace as beautiful what would otherwise be considered flaws”. – Toluwalase Asolo said.

The video has now been viewed over two million times and has since been remade by thousands across the globe, including celebrities from Nigerian disk jockey, DJ Cuppy to beauty influencers like Jackie Aina and Dimmah Umeh.

Although the challenge has been more popular among women of color, several men have also hopped on. They however replaced the makeup brush with hairbrushes or other accessories. This even spun off the #BopDaddyChallenge which follows the same concept but with the song “Bop Daddy” by Falz.


In a period like the pandemic, with nothing much to do, a lot of people may slip into high levels of depression. The Challenge came at the right time, highlighting the importance of togetherness in isolation.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you dress. The point of the #DontRush Challenge is to show your friends and followers how you look when you feel your best. Sometimes, getting all dressed up (even with nowhere to go) is what you need to get through these trying times.

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