4 Ways to Know a Gaslighter

Unlike physical abuse, mental abuse is more cunning and subtle. Too subtle, it is hard to spot the psychological abuse gaslighters bring with them.

The sure way to avoid these abuses is to learn how to spot them. At first, it may be difficult as a gaslighter generally appears charming and even accommodating.

However, once you see the first signs of manipulation, it is easier to escape their trap. Here are four ways you can spot a gaslighter.

1. Lies


A gaslighter lies with ease. Even when caught with undeniable proof, they find ways to defend their lies.

Does that person seem too good to be true? Chances are they are. Even if they aren’t a gaslighter, you still do not need a relationship based on lies.

2. They don’t own up to their mistakes

own uo to mistakes gaslighter

As humans, we make mistakes, but a gaslighter has this delusion of infallibility. Even when their faults are apparent, a master manipulator will act innocent.

If someone cannot own up to their shortcomings, you should not make the mistake of getting involved with them.

3. They try to isolate you


A gaslighter’s most deceitful tool is isolation. Check this: Do they use your emotions to manipulate you every time you want to spend time with your family and friends? This is a red flag.

4. They belittle your opinions

your opinions

One common characteristic of a gaslighter is unhealthy narcissism. The narcissistic gaslighter cares only about their opinions and feelings.

When you express yours, they may try to shame you by saying you are overreacting or too sensitive. Remember that no one owns the right to tell you how to think or feel, so you need to open your eyes.

In conclusion, your best weapon against psychological abuse is to confront the situation.

Do not lose yourself for someone who wants to abuse and control you. Trust yourself and refuse to be manipulated.







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