The Perfect Diet To Get You That Glowing Skin!

A skincare fanatic’s guide on how to eat your way to a constant glow. 

In this long-drawn battle against quick ageing, you are what you eat. Your diet is paramount to getting you that glowing skin. Yes, skincare products are great, but it’s like going to the gym then rewarding your efforts with a calory-packed meal. Counter-productive, right? The same way you need to be strict about all the steps it would take you to get your skin where it needs to be!

Let’s begin.

Fatty fish 

Photo by Valerie Bolt from Pexels

An excellent choice for glowing skin, fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, and tuna are your best protein fixes. They are rich in omega-3 acids that rejuvenate the skin by helping it retain moisture to give you a natural glow. They also make your skin less sensitive to UV rays, reducing inflammation caused by the sun. What’s more, they are rich in vitamin E and zinc, both properties that improve the skin’s overall health greatly.


Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

When you think avocados, think supple skin. These foods are rich in healthy fats that keep your skin looking alive and moisturized. They are also high in vitamin E, which protect your skin from oxidative damage. The sun’s also got nothing on you if you include avocados in your diet! This food contains properties that are active in protecting you from harmful UV rays, hence reducing the risk of quick ageing.


Photo by Julia from Pexels

This is one of the most effective (and delicious) ways to get your vitamin C fix. Tomatoes contain major carotenoids which include lycopene, Beta carotene, and lutein. These compounds protect your skin from sun damage and prevent wrinkling. You may want to use olive oil in preparing your tomato sauces too because this provides the right fatty-richness to help in the absorption of carotenoids.

Fruits and vegetables

Photo by Ian Turnell from Pexels

Goes without saying that you always need your fruits and veggies. They make your skin look so good on the inside and outside. Fortified in vitamins, minerals, and fibre that keeps you glowing and healthy, fruits and vegetables are a win! Try all kinds of berries, oranges, papaya, carrot, broccoli, spinach, and so on.

Dark chocolate 

Photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

As if you needed any more reason to eat chocolate. Yes, this craving of yours is just what you need to binge on to keep your skin glowing. It is high in antioxidants that keep your skin looking fuller and more energized. It also makes you less susceptible to sunburn and other mishaps that are liable to plague sensitive skin.

Nuts and seeds 

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Foods like chia seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios, almonds, and coconuts should be a priority in your diet. Not only are they loaded in nutrients, but they are also super easy to snack on and for some, to carry around. So, try taking a pack of nuts and/or seeds with you everywhere to get glowy skin on the go!


Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Studies have shown that isoflavones, the essential component in soy, improves the skin’s elasticity and reduces fine lines. Isoflavones belong to a category of plant compounds that mirror or block estrogen in your body. They also serve to increase collagen and reduce dryness on your skin.

Sweet potatoes

Photo by Nastasya Day from Pexels

Yes, you need your carbs too. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, which serve as a derivative of vitamin A. They are great for keeping your skin healthy and reducing the effects of UV rays that lead to premature ageing and sunburn.

Bell peppers 

Photo by Andrew Scarborough on Unsplash

Red or yellow, your skin deserves some chilli. These peppers are also rich in beta carotene as well as Vitamin C, which produces collagen that keeps the skin supple and firm.

Green tea 

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Drinking green tea or using it topically can have an amazing effect on your skin. This beverage contains catechins that protect the skin from redness caused by sunburn. It also enhances moisture and improves the skin’s elasticity. Drink green without any extra sweeteners like milk or sugar.

As you eat right, also remember to drop bad habits like smoking and excessive use of alcohol. The only way to achieve awesome skin is by following all the rules


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