‘Pami’ By DJ Tunez – Hit Or Miss?

Have you ever seen Wizkid and Adekunle Gold on a song together? DJ Tunez has made this happen with ‘Pami.’ Was it worth the anticipation or is it goodbye already?


Released on the 14th August 2020, ‘Pami’ is a single by DJ Tunez featuring Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Omah Lay, produced by Blaise Beatz.

This was one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year in the world of afrobeats! Fans all over have been rooting in excitement, and now it is here. A track featuring a globally-acclaimed superstar, a lyrical genius and the newest hit-maker on the block; what gives?

‘Pami’ has lyrics stereotypical to the average Nigerian songs about beautiful women who want to ‘kill’ their men with love and looks. The absolute lack of innovation in its lyrical content is disappointing when you consider the combined lyrical prowess of the artistes on this song. Yet, where the lyrics fail, we turn to the beat.

Kudos to the Producer, Blaize Beatz, on making a sound that will top weekend playlists and TikTok videos. Like many songs with a great beat, ‘Pami’ will start to grow on you after a few listens so don’t give up after the first time.

Listen here:

As to whether this track is a hit or miss? Let’s treat it as what it is: a club banger. While you may be disappointed that your ‘faves’ did not come through with the most profound lyrics, you will realize after a few plays and dancing, that “it’s not that deep.”

Speaking of which, this is another collaboration we are looking forward to!

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