Make It Home – Tobe Nwigwe [Music Review]

For Every Black Person In America… I Hope You Make It Home.

Written By Tobe Nwigwe, LaNell Grant, and David Michael Wyatt, “Make It Home” was released on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

What Tobe Nwigwe has done with this body of work is revisit the endless sufferings faced by black people in America, in a way that makes you want to cry in pain yet fills you with searing hope.


Make It Home is what the black community needs to hear this season. From the moment the video begins with Tobe Nwigwe sitting in his all-white ensemble, you are immediately drawn by the measured choreography of his hands. Then, he is joined by three more people including David Michael Wyatt, all in white, and it feels like an intimate conversation in a room full of black people, where they are all talking to you.

Perhaps, the most triggering feature in the video comes towards the end, where we see clips from black people protesting police brutality, and a tribute to George Floyd. The sound, lyrics, and visuals merge in one gripping force that stays with you long afterwards. There is a lot to thank Tobe Nwigwe, LaNell Grant, and David Michael Wyatt for.

Tobe Nwigwe is a Houston-based rapper who shares profound and inspiring messages through his music. The tone and lyrics of each body of work tell the story of a difficult upbringing. Still, he remains a beacon of positivity. His singular goal in his words is, to make purpose popular.”

Produced by LaNell Grant @lanellgrant
Style & Design by Tobe Nwigwe @tobenwigwe

Watch MAKE IT HOME here:

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