I Had A Nice Time At The Lekki Conservation Centre!

First of all, are you scared of heights? Then you’re probably not going to enjoy the Lekki Conservation Centre as much. If your answer is no, you’re in luck.

Lekki Conservation Centre, LCC is a beautiful nature park and a major forest reserve in Lagos, Nigeria with several wildlife species especially monkeys. The highlight for me is the longest canopy walkway in Africa. Yeah, you read right, the longest canopy walkway is right here in Lagos.

The Adventure

Back to the thrill, I sent a message to a friend of mine to let us check out the park. It wasn’t my first time though. He booked online a day before and we got there just in time on the D-Day.

The gate fee and canopy walk fee is N3,000. After a brief orientation from the tour guide, we joined others and proceeded into the park. We walked the sturdy, wooden trail for a while, seeing monkeys as we passed. Finally, we got to the mouth of the canopy walkway to begin the most thrilling part of the park experience.

For those who couldn’t follow the canopy walkway, there was an alternate trail to the family park which features a treehouse if you like climbing.

The Canopy Walk

lekki conservation centre canopy walkway

The experience on the forest canopy was exhilarating, to say the least. The swinging of the metallic walkway and squeaking sounds they give as you walk added their bit of exciting sensations. And did I mention the breeze up there? Oh, you can never find that in the urban atmosphere of Lagos.

After alighting from the canopy walk, the trail leads through a short path to the family park.

The Family Park

lcc family park

LCC is great for people going on picnics, reunions, team bonding, and the likes. Children are also very much welcomed, it’s a family park after all. There are a few things to keep you occupied while you’re there with games like Ludo, Draughts, Chess, Snakes and Ladder, Table Tennis, etc.

It is advisable you bring along your food and drinks, although we found a few spots at the park for food and refreshments. There was Asun, Barbecued chicken and turkey, Boli (roasted plantain), Shawarma, Party jollof rice, small chops, popcorn, coconut water, fresh palm wine, soft drinks, chilled bottled water, etc.

(I suspect these were present because it is a festive period. I didn’t meet any the first time I was there.)


  • Get there as early as you can so you can enjoy the day as much as you want to.
  • Dress as smart and as light as you can. A nice tee, knee-length shorts, and sneakers would be good enough.
  • Be careful of the monkeys. They snatch edibles from unsuspecting visitors (petty thieves, the lot).
  • The people allowed on the canopy walkway are aged from 14 – 65 years old.
  • Take as many pictures and videos on the canopy walk as you can, you’d be glad you did when you come down. (Be very careful though. DO NOT drop your phone!)
  • Go with friends, adventurous ones would be more fun.

I hope you have fun!


Watch the video here:

Article Written by Oluwafisayomi Shomorin (IG: @oluwafisayomis)




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