8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rwanda

Rwanda, the impeccably beautiful country renowned as ‘land of thousand hills.’

Here are some interesting things to know about Rwanda, an East African country that has shown tremendous progress for two and a half decades after the unfortunate 1994 genocide.

1. Kigali in Rwanda: the cleanest city in Africa.

Streets of Kigali. Photo (V. Fournier/Jeune Afrique-Rea/Redux)

Asides being the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali is regarded as the cleanest and one of the most organized cities in Africa. In 2017, The United Nations nominated Kigali as the most beautiful city in Africa.

2. The first country to ban plastic bags in the World


Environmental sustainability is taken seriously here. Since 2008, the use of plastic bags has been banned in the country. You are only allowed to use biodegradable alternatives or reusable paper bags.

3. A community that cleans together


Did you know that there is a community service done throughout the whole country every month? It is called Umuganda. In the local language, it means “ working together”

This national day of service occurs on the last Saturday of the month. Each community plans a place to meet up and do something positive. Activities could involve cleaning up, planting out trees, building a house for the poor, and so on. The idea is to work together for the progress of the community and Rwanda as a whole.

4. 64% of the Rwandan parliament are women.


Rwanda has the most number of women in parliament in the World. It is a country that practices gender equality and no doubt, the country is doing well.

5. Some of the best quality coffee in the world

Photo (Aidan Campbell)

Rwanda is well known for its coffee production and plantations. Every year, Rwanda coffee wins some of the best international awards for the best quality coffee.

6. The most expensive building in Africa is in Rwanda

Kigali Convention Center-rwanda

This is the 300 million USD Kigali Convention Center. A masterpiece of architecture combining arts, culture, and modern design. Also, it serves as a major venue for African Union meetings, the World Economic forums, and other international meetings.

7. You do not need a visa to visit Rwanda


You will get a 90-day visa at all Rwandan borders and airports if you are African, and 30–60 days if you are from other continents. As a result, Rwanda is one of the most welcoming countries in the world.

8. Amazing Safari

Photo (micato.com)

Rwanda has 50% of all the mountain gorillas in the world. The country does a great job of preserving these endangered species in their reserves and parks.

If you love wildlife tours and adventures to natural parks, Rwanda should defo be on your list. You will find various species of fauna and enjoy truly memorable experiences.


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