Do You Have Self-Reflection Cards?

You know yourself better than anyone else.

know yourself self reflection

We all would agree that it is crucial to step back once in a while and reflect on life in these present times.

So if you are spending time alone to meditate or taking a walk in nature, self-reflection cards can come in handy.

Self-reflection cards are therapeutic either for individuals or as a group. They help us gain greater insight into ourselves and bring us back on track when we are lost.

They can contain deep questions we ask ourselves like “Does a higher power influence my decisions or am I solely responsible?” “What is the main thing hindering me from reaching my full potential?”

You see how these kinds of questions make you pause and think.

How to Create Your Self-Reflection Cards

Self-Reflection Cards

Creating self-reflection cards allows you to know yourself at a deeper level.

An excellent way to get started is by segmenting yourself into sections – physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. Then add questions that relate to each section. For example,

What is one thing my body does/has that I am grateful for?
What is the one thing I truly desire?
What is causing anxiety in my life right now?
If I could go back in time to advise myself, what would I say?

Are They Similar to Affirmation Cards?

adinkra affirmation cards our early years
Adinkra Affirmation cards (@our.earlyyears)

There are differences between the two. Affirmation cards consist of phrases we repeat to ourselves to attract the life we want and manifest who we want to be.

Affirmation works on the art of repetition to bring into existence the reality we want, while Self-reflection cards require more in-depth thinking and analysis.

Getting to know oneself on a much deeper level is daunting at times, but this is what we truly deserve to be the best of ourselves.

We sometimes need to step out of our comfort zone to explore the depths of our being. You can call it – diving into waters you have not previously swum.

So, why not try self-reflection cards today and see what you find.

Be your best counsellor.







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