Burna Boy – Wonderful [Music Review]

African Giant and Afrobeats Star, Burna Boy, released a new visual last week for his new single titled “Wonderful.” This is the first single from Burna Boy’s upcoming album “Twice as Tall”.

Directed by Director K., the visual is a homage to Africa. While other times, artists try to make the cleanest videos with “western standards” (cars, nice scenery, luxurious views), Burna Boy takes us in-depth with African vibes, sounds, and imagery.

The video narrative follows when Burna returned to his motherland. He seemed different and odd. His people despised and attacked him but his music was his weapon. They realized he was too powerful and eventually became his ally.

They embraced his talent and took him to the rest of the community. Not only did they accept him, but they also made him their leader. The video makes us understand that we were Africans before we became anything else.

“Wonderful” reflects the Nigerian Afrobeats star’s message of home. “It’s important for me to show that music is a uniting force that transcends state lines, barriers, and borders.” He said.

“This song is about the ‘wonders’ of seeing the impact of my music on people’s lives as they shared their joy, pain, and pleasure with me while I toured the world,” Burna Boy said in a statement made upon the song’s release.

Watch Burna Boy’s “Wonderful” music video below

Burna is also sending a message to the youth in Nigeria and Africa at large. No matter where we go, we should always remember to return. Africa is the motherland of all humanity.

We should embrace our roots and work hard to be the wonderful people we have always been. The song touches beyond the soul. If you are an African, you should be proud of the African culture.

“It serves as a note that no matter how far you go, or how hard you work; you must be ready to come home. The pandemic forced us all to take refuge in our homes. Above all, Africa is home, it is the motherland to all people. For us to truly matter, Africa has to matter.”

“Above all, Africa is home, it is the motherland to all people.”

Video Creative Directors: Clarence Peters & Meji Alabi
Production Company: JM Films
Producer: Jimi Adesanya

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