Beverly Naya’s ‘Skin’ Documentary Is Now On Netflix

Netflix could not have acquired this documentary at a better time. With the current intensity of the Black Lives Matter movement, Skin documentary contributes to the rapidly-growing number of black voices telling their stories on western platforms.

Released yesterday, Skin is a feature documentary exploring identity. It seeks the true meaning of beauty in all the different shades of black. The British-born Nigerian actress, Beverly Naya. went on a journey to discover the beauty of blackness and to learn about contrasting perceptions of beauty.

Beverly Naya

Written by and starring Naya herself, it’s an insightful and incredibly personal experience. It provides an authentic alternative to the vain beauty-centered, white-washed shows on American TV.

The narrative is linked with saddening personal accounts of individuals. People who have faced pressures to conform to certain standards of beauty. It exposes how colorism continues to shape the face of the entertainment industry in Africa.

Watch the trailer to Skin documentary below: 

Produced by Beverly Naya (Be Naya ltd)
Directed by Daniel Etim Effiong
Cinematographer- Muhammed Attah
Score- Ré Olunaga
Sound- Kafari Kadzai
Trailer by Christoper Miles (Lake Street Films)

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