Adekunle Gold – Okay [New Music Video]

The following video has been approved to upset all AG Baby Haters…

Adekunle Gold - Okay

Nigerian Afropop singer Adekunle Gold releases the visuals for ‘Okay’ – a track off his latest album ‘Afro-Pop Vol. 1’.

Just like ‘AG Baby’ and Something Different,’ “Okay” is also one of the exceptional tracks you will listen to on the Afropop Vol.1 album. Gold synced Afropop and Rock so nicely that the rhythms will give you the coolest serenade you might ever ask for.

In ‘Okay’ Adekunle Gold reiterates his uniqueness. He is embracing his personality and wants others to understand that.

Adekunle Gold - OkayAlso, you can’t take away AG Baby’s art and fashion from his music. He is always top-notch with those and it’s truly amazing seeing how he has grown over the years.

Lyrics from ‘Okay’:

Stacking up my money no time for your shit
Monikulapo I don’t care for your hate
me no fighting (me no fighting)
throwing tantrums from bungalow Boda ode
I dey my penthouse you can’t even reach me
me nor frightened
It is not your fight stand down
I’m not the one calm down
you know I’m not your problem
you can’t be me; why bother ..

Watch the music video below.

Directed by 10FMYGUYS
An EMI Records recording.

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