10 Igbo Proverbs and Their Meanings

Proverbs are complex experiences summarised in a few words to capture their essential meaning. Proverbs are also words of wisdom of a people.

The Igbo is a meta-ethnicity native to the South-Eastern and present-day South-Central Nigeria and even Equatorial Guinea. The Igbo language has several dialects. As you become more acquainted with them, you will appreciate the culture and lifestyle of the Igbo people.

For any proverb, it is essential to know the appropriate event and time to use them in order to communicate the right message and hit the nail on the head.

Below are some popular Igbo proverbs and their literal meanings:

1. Oge adighi eche mmadu – Time and tide waits for nobody.


2. E lewe ukwu Egbue ewu – A buxom waist that makes her man kill a goat for her when he looks at it.


3. Ebe onye dara ka chi ya kwaturu ya – Where one falls is where his god pushed him down.


4. Ihe di woro ogori azuala na ahia – What was secret is revealed in the market place.


5. Ewu nwuru n’oba ji abughi agu gburu ya – A goat that dies in a barn was never killed by hunger.


6. Ura ga-eju onye nwuru anwu afo – A dead person shall have all the sleep necessary.


7. Gidi gidi bụ ugwu eze – Unity is strength


8. Chọọ ewu ojii ka chi dị – Make hay while the sun shines


9. Otu onye tuo izu, o gbue ochu – Knowledge is never complete: two heads are better than one.


10. Ihe ehi hụrụ gbalaba oso ka okuku huru na-atụ onu – Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


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