Your Perfectionism Might be Making You a Procrastinator. Here’s How.

Do you come up with ideas and never execute them because you end up picking the imperfections out? Do you like to wait till you have everything ready before taking steps towards goals?

Well…hot-brain, you may never get anything done.

The hard truth is if you’re a perfectionist, you’re just a procrastinator with a mask on and that’s hardly different from a lazy person who sits around and does nothing all day.

Why would I say that? Similar traits.


Traits of a Perfectionist

  • Always waits for the right moment.
  • Never makes mistakes.
  • Always needs more time.

Life is all about results and you won’t get any with perfectionism if you keep waiting for the perfect everything. Your best lessons and improvements are gotten from active experiences. You need to take action; perfection will come with experience.

Don’t get me wrong, as a perfectionist, you may get something done someday, but at what time and what expense?

There are two known types of perfectionists:

The ones that never start anything: These are the ones who wait to have everything in place before taken even the first step. They always fight with themselves in their heads about whether or not they can do it right.

The ones that start but pick themselves apart: These ones start a project and start seeing all the things wrong with the project and start picking the project apart themselves. Their standards are way too high, and they end up failing themselves.

Either of these two may lead to anxiety, depression, worry, and unproductivity.

However, even with the above-mentioned struggles of a perfectionist, perfectionism is also related to greater achievement as having higher goals and standards results in exceptional achievements.

The most important thing to improve your productivity as a perfectionist is to find a balance.


How to find a balance as a perfectionist

Trust Yourself: The first step to finding balance is trusting yourself and knowing that the achievement is in the process. Therefore, break your goals into small achievable steps and take them one after the other.

Resourcefulness: When you have your steps laid out, find a system that works. This may include using time management and planning tools. Also, don’t overwork yourself, outsource tasks where you can, to give yourself more brain-space to piece your ideas together properly.

You’ve got this!





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