If Colors Could Speak, What Would Your Favorite Color Say About You?

I believe that colors are a reflection of emotions and personalities.

Even though psychologists are still studying color preferences and personalities, it is undeniable that colors have psychological and mood effects on us humans…and maybe even animals.

Think about Bulls and the color Red for example.

Okay, that’s not really a thing. Studies show that Bulls, like all other cattle, are color blind. Poor things.

Do you have a favorite color? You very likely picked your favorite color and thought nothing of it but there could have been an underlying reason why you chose that color.

While this should not be taken too seriously, it is fun to explore what these 5 colors could be saying about you.

colour red


Intensity, Desire, Aggression: This means that if your favorite color is red, you are likely someone who is driven, adventurous and active. In a crowd, you are dynamic and noticeable. Life for you must be lived to the fullest!

building architecture painted in white


Purity, Innocence, Birth: People who choose white as their favorite color are perceived to be organized and neat. However, this color could also mean that you are lighthearted, logical, and easily forgiving.

pink colour

Romance, Sensuality, Femininity: Choosing pink as your favorite color could mean that you are expressive and love acceptance. You are very romantic at heart or very flirty and feminine. It could also mean that you are laid back and carefree.

yellow flower

YELLOW: (Mariam’s Favorite):

If your favorite color is yellow, it could mean you are a very energetic, extroverted, intellectual human who is drawn to the new and modern. Yellow represents optimism and friendship too. This means that you may enjoy sharing with others but also feel the need to emphasize your individuality…you’re stubborn.

brown fallen leaves

Earth, Organic, Stability: This color as a favorite could mean that you are drawn to nature or enjoy simple ways of living. It could also mean that you are self-disciplined, unchanging, warm, dependable, and accepting.

What is the color of your personality?

Share your favorite color and how it represents you with us in the comment section.





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