What To Know Before You Buy That Stylish Backpack

The backpack is that loyal friend that follows us on many outings and adventures.

Photo: Upfuse

Since it came around, it has offered us the freedom to carry whatever we want while keeping our hands free.

However, you do not have to go online or to the market uninformed before you purchase one. Whether you are going on a nature hike or to the office, you should always be with the best-fit backpack.

So, here are some things to consider when buying a stylish backpack.

Is it Comfortable?

A good backpack makes you feel like you are not carrying anything. If you are not comfortable, the essence of style is lost. When talking of comfort, these features are important:

  1. Shoulder straps: Buy a bag with adjustable and padded shoulder straps to allow it to sit on your shoulders well.
  2. Hip belts: This is for when you carry heavy loads. It takes the weight off your back and shoulders.
  3. Padded backs: Bags with padded backs follow the natural shape of the lower back, reducing any discomfort.

Why am I buying a backpack?

Carrying the wrong backpack will give you problems. Before choosing a stylish bag, you need to know why. Here’s a summary of the different types:

Day Pack: This is basically for the usual single-day trips like going to school or anywhere within the city.

Wheeled Backpack: This is for strolling on flat surfaces. Don’t attempt to use the wheels off-road to prevent damage.

Hiking Backpack: This is ideal for long outdoor adventures. You want something durable and light.

In all, ensure that your backpack choice serves its purpose.

What is the backpack material?

Your fabric choice says something about your style.

Nylon: Nylon is waterproof. This helps if where you will be going to mostly have damp weather.

Polyester: Polyester has a higher resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation. While nylon is great for damp areas, polyester backpacks are perfect for hot climates.

Cotton Canvas: This is comfort-oriented. It is light and commonly found in day packs.

Cordura: This fabric is abrasive and water-resistant but heavy, which means it may not be suitable for long trips.

Also, consider going out with a bag that the material matches your clothing. For instance, a cotton canvas bag should go well with cotton clothing.

What kind of brands should you be shopping from?

There are numerous backpacks in the market, and it can be confusing. One helpful piece of advice is this: Purchase an established brand.

One example is Upfuse, an upcycling brand from Egypt that repurposes plastic bags and turns them into stylish must-have bags and accessories. As you can probably tell, this brand finds art in anything.

One bag from this brand to note is the Kite City Twin Backpack. This has features like an inner padded pocket with a flap that can fit a 13” laptop, adjustable straps, a flap with two press buttons (for when your backpack is too full), one back pocket with a zipper, water resistance, and several pattern options – whatever your choice may be.

Buying a backpack from an established brand ensures you’re getting quality. Don’t gamble with quality.


Invest in a high-quality backpack. A cheap one may save you some money, but you risk embarrassing yourself.

Imagine walking along the street with your head high showing off your new inexpensive backpack, and suddenly the bag parts open like the Red Sea. You definitely don’t want that feeling.

In conclusion, choose a backpack that’s comfortable, functional, and fashionable. Take your time to ensure you get value for money.




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