An Ode to the Black Woman: A Touch by Asoebi Girl and Trubeaute Womenswear Collaboration

The pandemic may have slowed things down, but it could never mar the greatness of a womenswear collection created from a power fusion between two women, first friends and then business partners, to celebrate the black woman and her many journeys.

Touch by Asoebi Girl, a bespoke and ready-to-wear fashion brand for women, joined forces with Trubeaute, a ready-to-wear women’s brand, to launch a collection tagged, The Tru Touch Collection: An Ode to the Black Woman, on Friday, 26th June 2020.

Featuring distinctively styled pieces inspired and named after friends of both women, the collection deftly portrays the rich versatility of style that our culture affords us, enlivened in patterns from the renowned adire of the Nigerian Yoruba ancestry to vibrant silk prints that stand out against varying shades of beautiful black skin.

The Tru Touch Collection: An Ode to the Black Woman, kicked off with a three-day countdown featuring a challenge aimed at celebrating femininity and blackness, where women all over the world were tasked with posting a photo each that speaks the most to them alongside a short message for every black woman. Apparently, this challenge awakened the writer in the combined following of women from both brands as they took to their Instagram stories with epistles eulogizing black womanhood. It was incredible to see!

However, the challenge did not prepare us for the actual launch, a style lookbook of options for every black woman, bold or muted, flirty or functional, playful or corporate. The pieces are named Wunmi, Olukorede, Kristin, Abeni, Moyo, Haijay, Teena, Data, Vanessa, Ngozi, and Ekaiette respectively.

Each post chronicled specific personality traits of each woman which influenced the style choice and pattern of the piece, a move that the women were so thrilled by that they promoted the collection on their social media platforms and helped drive sales for the brand.

The Tru Touch Collection is an iconic asserting of our unapologetic blackness captured in the core essence of femininity. It takes ownership of our diverse cultural narratives to produce styles on prints and patterns that come alive on every shade of the beautiful black skin.

See photos from the collection below:

wunmi-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionWunmi (inspired by @wunmi.fw)

olukorede-piece-touch-by-aso-ebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionOlukorede (inspired by @dr_liza_fab)

kristin-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionKristin (inspired by @officialkristin_)

abeni-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionAbeni (inspired by every black woman)

moyo-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionMoyo (inspired by @themoyosola)

haijay-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionHaijay (inspired by @adandiobi)

teena-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionTeena (inspired by @tinaeopute)

data-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionData (inspired by @kukyeem)

vanessa-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionVanessa (inspired by @vannitude)

ngozi-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionNgozi (inspired by @ngozee__)

ekaiette-piece-touch-by-asoebi-girl-tru-touch-collectionEkaiette (inspired by @ekaiette)


Follow both brands on @touchbyasoebigirl and @trubeaute_ for more style inspiration and patronage.

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