The Quirky Oven, Official Sponsor At BIDHAAR’s Press Night

The Quirky Oven inspires memories of pastries from home, and they will be bringing the variety to a night of Black Excellence! Here’s a sneak peek into our official snacks sponsor as we count down.

the-quirky-oven Puff Puff Mix. The Quirky Oven.

The Quirky Oven is a pastry brand passionate about sharing their love for African snacks to its diaspora. They’ve created a ready-made mix to make it easier for you to enjoy these snacks such as the popular, fluffy, deep-fried dough – the Nigerian puff-puff.

bidhaar-press-night-quirky-ovenKeeping the food light, quirky, and African. You should be there!

We can’t wait to see what The Quirky Oven has in store for the biggest Afrourban event of the year! This is a brand inspired by cravings for African pastries, enjoyed premium.

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