Signs Your Partner’s Love Means They’re Probably Just Attached

Love is a complex concept, difficult to define. It is, therefore, easily misconstrued for things like lust and intense attraction.

However, to avoid being stuck in an unhealthy relationship, you should pay attention to your partner and their behaviour. If something feels off, their love may be an attachment, after all.

1. They Call or Chat You every time

call or chat

When your partner can’t seem to get enough of you, it looks like they’re madly in love. But what if they are just attached? One of the ways people who are in love value their partner is by allowing them their space. Being too attached might mean trying to control the relationship by staying in contact as much as possible.

2. They Get Jealous Very Easily

jealous couple signs your partner is attached

A healthy relationship requires trust. An attached partner is hyper-vigilant to anything that can seemingly take that person away from them. To them, it’s all about possession.

3. They Take More Than They Give


Someone who is attached can become dependent on you because of the things you bring to their lives. If someone is in a relationship for the many benefits they reap, they might just be attached and not in love with you.

4. They Don’t Seem To Have A Life Outside The Relationship


If your partner stopped sharing their opinions to avoid disagreements and confrontations, it’s a sign that they don’t want to risk losing you. When someone is attached, the relationship becomes their entire identity.

5. They Want To Move At A Faster Pace Than You


Love takes time to grow. If your partner is moving a lot faster than you, they could just be attached and not in love. This could come from a place of fear that you might move on to someone else if they don’t act fast.

Attachment issues can cause problems in your relationship if not addressed. So always check in with yourself.

Are you truly happy? If not, you should find someone who’s not just attached but truly loves you for who you are.






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