Olu Olu, Official Sponsor At BIDHAAR’s Press Night

We just bagged a sponsorship deal with Olu Olu Foods, the premium African food brand sharing exotic flavours around its diaspora!

olu olu foods
Plantain chips, known for its distinct taste!

Olu Olu Foods is an African and exotic health foods brand serving the diaspora with tropical health food options.

A brand that says no to food waste and yes to recycling, their foods are mostly made from materials like root tubers, palm trees, plantains, and coconuts, to ensure that every part is used or converted to new energy!

Their product offerings include dry foods and spices, pantry items, packaged snacks and beverages. Today, they are known for premium quality foods by over two generations of satisfied consumers.

olu olu

We are super excited to be in partnership with a brand that showcases African food in premium and healthy quality. Thanks to our sponsor, tonight just got lit-er!


Speaking of lit, have you met our Host?

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