Michaela Coel’s “I May Destroy You” Will Get You Tearing Up

BAFTA award-winner Michaela Coel gifts us with “I May Destroy You,” a bold and provocative drama exploring the question of sexual consent in contemporary life.I May Destroy You - Michaela Coel-2

The new HBO series, I May Destroy You, is inspired by a real-life experience, where Coel herself had her drink spiked and was sexually assaulted while working on the scripts for her first series, Chewing Gum.

Following this ugly incident, Coel began to speak to other victims of both genders, culminating in the retelling of a story that helped her come to terms with it all.

The drama series centres on Arabella (Michaela Coel), a carefree, self-assured Londoner with great friends, an amazing relationship, and a flourishing writing career. Then, in a bizarre turn of events, Arabella shows up with no recollection of how she got to her office or about her smashed phone screen and the cut on her forehead.

I May Destroy You - Michaela Coel-party-dancing
Source: BBC

However, the beginnings of a nasty memory come back to her and she realizes that she has been assaulted sexually.

I May Destroy You - Michaela Coel-scenes-from-the-series
Michaela Coel wrote, produced, directed and stars in HBO’s new series I May Destroy You.

I May Destroy You is not just about surviving sexual assault, however. It’s also about navigating the murky waters of consent as dating and hook-up habits change. The show also introduced Arabella’s friend Simon, whose long-term girlfriend Kat is open to a third party in their relationship.

I May Destroy You - Michaela Coel-3
I May Destroy You

‘I May Destroy You,’ is a reflection of how much survival is dependent on memory, on piecing together the face of a stranger who might have ruined your life.

Watch the trailer on BBC:

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