I Go Chop, Official Sponsor At BIDHAAR’s Press Night

BIDHAAR Press Night got a sponsor who knows a lot about important things like Nigerian Jollof. Meet ‘I Go Chop,’ the brand that takes you on trips around Nigeria via the wings of your tastebuds!

If Nigerian Jollof is a religion, then this brand is the Preacher!

‘I go chop’ is a phrase in the Nigerian pidgin language which simply means, ‘I will eat.’ Founded to give people a fresh insight into the Nigerian culture, I Go Chop is more than a food brand. According to their brand story, ‘Our goal is to promote and celebrate black African excellence whilst encouraging people from all backgrounds and ethnicities to join the party. And what better invite is there than great food?’

Located in South East London, I Go Chop offers a variety of tastes unique to the Nigerian culture. From the famous Jollof to its partner, dodo (fried plantain), they cater to a diaspora community of Nigerian food lovers.

Bringing Nigeria to the world, sponsored by ‘i Go Chop!’

What can we expect from the menu of our sponsors on the biggest night of the year? A taste of Nigeria in its variety of flavours.

And at BIDHAAR Press Night, look forward to an abundance of cultures, fun, and premium food. To quote our sponsor’s tagline: ‘Anytime, Anywhere. I go chop!’

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