Kai Collective’s The Gaia Dress Is Such A Fan Favourite!

The Gaia dress by Kai Collective has been blooming all quarantine, and today it is still a top choice! 2020 seems like such an amazing year for this Black-Owned business because this right here is a dress that ‘transcends trends.’

Fisayo Longe, Founder and Creative Director of Kai Collective.

One thing about The Gaia dress, you can’t miss it. So, unless you have been on a strict social media detox à la quarantine, there’s no way you haven’t seen this dress on the internet.

Made from mesh fabric with swirling patterns that give off fluidity, The Gaia dress is Kai Collective’s most famous release. Asides the more popular calf-length dress, it comes in other variations: The top and the mini.

What we find most fascinating about this dress is how viral it has gone. Women all over the world have formed a community of dedicated Gaia lovers, and all your fave Influencers have caught the buzz! As at this time, Gaia is sold out on the Kai Collective website but should be expecting a comeback soon, we hear.

The Gaia mini on Sofiyat Ibrahim @the_odditty.

Kai Collective is a Nigerian-British Womenswear brand founded by Fisayo Longe, a Style Blogger and Influencer. This 4-year brand is currently enjoying a lot of global acclaims and we love to see it. For one, It comes fully recommended by Beyoncé on her list of Black-Owned businesses.

At the centre of this brand’s premium offerings, however, is the form-fitting Gaia dress. It is bold, luxurious, and powerfully feminine.

The Gaia dress is a vibe and all your faves know!

Fisayo Longe in the Gaia top

One other thing you need to know about the Gaia dress: No two designs are exactly the same! The idea is to create styles that fit each body type while ensuring that the fabric is not wasted in the production process. So, not only does this brand serve to amplify our community, it is sustainable too!

We can’t wait to see what Fisayo Longe has in store for the relaunch of this phenomenal trend.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite Gaia looks from your favourite Influencers:





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