How To Be Optimistic Even When The World Isn’t

Do you normally see the positive side in depressing situations? Or does your default setting focus only on the negative?

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

Without realizing it, our life is often a reflection of our perceptions. That said, it is easy to dwell in negative thoughts in a world where hardship and injustice abounds.

Not only do these thoughts prevent us from full living, but it also affects our environment and immediate relationships. The energy we emanate can either be the best or worst thing to offer in a typical difficult situation.

Nevertheless, there’s always room to make it better. Here are some steps to ensure you live an optimistic and more balanced life.

1. Keep a gratitude journal.

pexels-alina-vilchenko-keep a gratitude-journal-optimistic (Photo by Alina Vilchenko)

Try writing down 5 things that you are grateful for every day and see how your attitude changes. Sometimes one event can ruin an entire day and overshadow the good parts. Keeping a gratitude journal will let you focus on the good and offset this imbalance.

2. Say positive words

(Photo by Binti Malu)

Words are powerful. When you speak words, you create. It’s that simple. The words we use have a lot more power than we think. If you only complain about how sad your life is, this might be all it ever will be. Try speaking more positivity into your days and see its effect on your general outlook. You owe yourself that pep talk.

3. Look out for yourself first

pexels-energepiccom (Photo by

Your day is going pretty well and then your colleague strides in to complain about everything bad in his life. Sometimes, you soak in other people’s energies without realizing it, and this is a classic example. Look out for yourself first. Take mental self-care seriously.

4. Get used to being rejected.

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

Rejection is inevitable as long as you have ambitions, and all the successful people today will tell you this. However, accepting rejection as a phase in your life’s story is a skill. Take note of that broken heart or failed job interviews, learn, and move on. Being optimistic means understanding what we can control is the effort we put in. When we give our full effort, there is no reason for regret.

5. Breathe.

pexels-retha-ferguson (Photo by Retha Ferguson)

Our breath is connected to our emotions. It changes depending on how we feel. Have you noticed how your breath changes when you are angry or anxious? The amazing thing is it goes the other way too. We can change how we feel using our breath. Check out the benefits of breathing and try some breathing practice in this infographic.

6. Make someone else smile.

smile-picture-from-pexels (Vinicius Altava)

Can you set a goal each day to make someone else smile? Thinking about someone else’s happiness helps us to realize the impact our optimistic attitude has on the people around us. Who comes to your mind right now? Call that person and make them smile.

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.” – Michael Jackson

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