Cyberstalking: How To Keep Yourself Safe

Online stalking or Cyberstalking is the intentional and repeated watching, following, or harassing of a person online.

This is a common form of harassment faced by people today. Making connections with strangers online can be dangerous and here are a few tips on how to stay safe.

Switch up your Privacy

1. Switch up your Privacy

Check your social media settings and the information you provide. Limit sharing your personal data online. You can even set your profile to Private. Also, be careful while adding friends on social networks. Be cautious about who you add, especially if you don’t know them personally.

2. Ignore

If an unknown person is contacting you and you are not comfortable,  ignore them. You are not obliged to open every message.


3. Block

This is like the simplest thing to do, right? If you notice something shady, go ahead and block them. There is a reason social media platforms have the Block option. Use it.

4. Seek Help

Talk to your family about the Cyberstalker. Ask for their help and seek a solution to stay safe. Facing a cyberstalker alone is not good for your mental health.


5. Report

If the person continues to disturb you in other ways you did not see coming, you should report them to the authorities. Cyberstalking should not be taken lightly.

But what if you’re being stalked in real life? Well, here are some things you can still do.

  • Be very observant: Don’t be immersed in your phone every time. Observe your surroundings.
  • Don’t travel alone: If you find yourself alone, mix with a group. Always let your family know where you are going. Also, avoid dark places.
  • Seek help from the authorities like the police.

Finally, stalking can leave a traumatic effect on one’s mind. It is advisable to seek help from a professional and try to do the things you love that can help you clear your mind.




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