BIDHAAR Brands: Upfuse, Finding The Art In Anything

A lot of people couldn’t wait to do away with their school projects, but not Yara Yassin. 7 years later and that project is still a part of her life, this time as a recycled fashion brand.

Upfuse 2

Upfuse is a full-fledged Cairo-based cult brand and social enterprise created in celebration of You and this beautiful planet, Earth. Founded in 2013 by Yara Yassin and her former partner Raina Raife, it was borne out of a desire for a product that is ‘sustainable and eco-friendly.’ Thus, the brand explores the multitude of possibilities in waste by recycling them for fashion. From stylish backpacks to tote bags and Laptop bags, this is a showcase of premium artistry, proudly handmade in Egypt.

Yara Yassin, who now runs the brand independently, is constantly stunned at how much Upfuse has grown. Yet, she cannot reconcile a life without this brand at its core.

Cycling by fusing

Upfuse 3

With Upfuse, Yara Yassin has created a brand that walks the talk. She believes firmly in the power of trade, instead of aid. Thus, she collaborates with NGOs to provide training to people on recycling plastic waste for fashion. This way, more people (especially women) are earning an income by contributing to the Upfuse story.

If you are curious about the process behind this story, it is called, “Cycling by fusing.” It involves gathering plastic bags, sanitizing them, drying, and pressing together with colours that would later transform into beautiful bags.

For this, Yara Yassin has mobilized 16 women from Garbage city, one of the biggest slums in Cairo. She worried about the health of these people and sought to teach them this cycling process under cleaner working conditions. This way, they are earning and Upfuse is producing.

“It’s not just that they need us. We need them too.”

Upfuse is a cult movement of premium style.

Upfuse 4

The brand culture is steeped in a style so extraordinary that it is unforgettable. Yara Yassin likes to refer to it as a cult brand because according to her, once you get something from Upfuse, you are hooked for life!

This is a reflection of Yara’s personal style, appealing to a generation of free-thinking people with an eye for art. The Upfuse way is unconventional, bold, luminous, and distinct. She also appreciates brands like Freitag, who inspire her with their consistent work in the recycling fashion industry.

The Yara Effect

The founder of Upfuse is making milestones in a world where sustainability meets style. She exudes passion and dedication to her work, quick to tell you how much she loves what she does. The “Yara Effect” means to be living your job dream while impacting the world at the same time.

She does not fail to admit that this role comes with a lot of responsibility and social expectations. Yet, seeing the development that it has effected, Yara Yassin just wants to keep going on. “If I am not doing Upfuse. I am probably doing nothing,” She finishes simply.

What is the future of Upfuse? 

Upfuse 5

As a result of the colourful nature of Upfuse pieces, Yara Yassin admits to getting asked why it is so feminine. However, “fashion-forward” may be a better term to describe it, for everyone who isn’t afraid to express. Still, Yara Yassin has plans to create in more subtle colours for the more conventional.

When asked if she hopes to diversify into a clothing line, Yara Yassin implies that there is a plan but she wants to keep things hush-hush. She is constantly working on new ideas, collections, and collaborations. All with an aim to drive social impact in the most stylish ways.

The BIDHAAR-Upfuse partnership has been an immensely successful one if Yara says so herself. Make sure to shop these luxurious pieces at our store on 133A Rye Lane, Ground Floor, Market Peckham, Peckham, London. United Kingdom. SE15 4BQ




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