BIDHAAR Brands: Jekkah Is Beauty And Colour In Your Life!

There is so much to say about the beauty of The Gambia, and that includes the abundance of prints made available to the world through Jekkah.


Founded by Addik in 2013, Jekkah is an African-inspired streetwear brand creating Limited edition pieces with 100% cotton African wax print. From lounging at home to casual outings, there is a piece for everyone featuring Africa’s vibrant beauty and love for colour.

The term, “Jekkah” is derived from the Wolof language, commonly spoken by over 10 million people in West Africa, especially in Senegal and The Gambia. It means ‘to be beautiful/well-dressed.’ This meaning resonates through the brand’s authentic designs handcrafted by skilled Artisans in The Gambia, West Africa.

Since its inception, the brand philosophy has always revolved around promoting Africa’s exceptional artistry and making an impact. This is why all products are sourced, designed, and manufactured in The Gambia.


Jekkah pieces have been spotted on influencers and artistes, the likes of ADIKA, Koffee, Jayh Jawson, Dench Gang, MDS, Nifé, Regina Eigbe, Frenchnana, MOELOGO, Stefflon Don, Diamond Platnumz, and many more.

When asked about his process for sorting these beautiful fabrics, Addik said,

We limit ourselves by buying just Gambian. However, when you do have a limit, it makes you creative in a way because then you don’t have too much choice.”

This approach to sourcing and styling fabrics keeps things grounded yet does not hold back from showcasing the limitlessness of African style made available to the world through Jekkah.


Addik, who is passionate about Africa’s creativity and empowerment, talks about his vision for this fast-rising brand in clear terms. His ultimate goal is to conduct the entire production process from a factory in The Gambia.

When asked what defines the peak of Jekkah’s success so far, he simply says, “We have been peaking since we started.” The positivity and confidence that exudes from the founder tells you a lot about this brand’s glowing future and his willingness to go any lengths in achieving his set goals.

Shop colourful and vibrant pieces from Jekkah  at our London store located at 33A Rye Lane, Ground Floor, Market Peckham, Peckham, London. United Kingdom. SE15 4BQ.




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