Are Horoscope Readings Really Worth The Effort?

The reason most people read their horoscope is to understand themselves and find out what makes them unique with hopes that that information will help them navigate life better and even help them connect to their “higher” selves.

However, how much does this truly work? 

Horoscope Readings astrology

After talking to a good number of people who have explored this route in the past month, I’ve seen that some of them have become increasingly confused as to who they really are, who they should be, and who they want to be.

Let’s take Amah for example. She is a woman in her late twenties who has had one passion all her life – events management. The few times she has had the opportunity to organize and manage big events, she was outstanding. She set a goal for herself to start an events management business in the next few years. 

Unfortunately, like everyone else, Amah’s life isn’t perfect. She’d already had one failed marriage and several other failed relationships. 

She decides to talk to a renowned astrologer in her state to get a horoscope reading to help her better understand how to find her true soul mate.

Horoscope Readings astrology

During the horoscope reading, the astrologer recites all of the ‘star sign’ attributes Amah had read online and even talks about things Amah thought no one else knew about her. She was hooked. 

Then the astrologer goes on to say, “You will do well as an accountant or health care worker. Your horoscope shows that those are your two cash cows.”

Amah had grown up watching her late mother plan the best African-style events and had fallen in love with and practiced the business. She had never imagined being an accountant, she couldn’t even stand the sight of an injured person.

Amah now has one less thing figured out about her life.

Are you an Amah? You can share your experience with us anonymously. 

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