Alté Fashion: The Afrocentric, Afrourban And Afrofuturistic

Non-conforming, unapologetic, and multi-dimensional, Alté fashion is a movement beyond style. It is a culture embraced by Artists like WurlD, Odunsi (The Engine), Tems, Fave, and more.

Photo: @temsbaby (Twitter)

Alté is Nigerian lingo for ‘Alternative’ which means doing things differently from the norm. It has been embraced by a community of people who are “unconventional and eccentric” in the ways that they express style.  They are often characterized by baggy clothing, sneakers, dyed/dreadlocked hair, and odd jewellery. There is also a kind of music defined as Alté. While this may not be an actual genre, it has been popularized by a niche community of the same Nigerian Artists who champion the Alté style. 

Photo: @mercilisa, Instagram.

As opposed to 2018 when people were averse to this new and odd fad, more people are embracing this unapologetic way to express fashion. Beyond style, Alté creates a close-knit community of Creatives who support each other across all sectors. From promoting music to art, this is a culture that gives back to its community.`

Photo: @odunsi, Twitter

Originating from Lagos, Nigeria, Alté fashion has since spread out to other parts of the African continent and to the diaspora. It features a fusion of the past (Afrocentric), the modern (Afrourban) and the future (afrofuturistic). The result is a wave of fashion choices ranging from flamboyant to downright eccentric.

Mainstream artistes like Adekunle Gold have also embraced this style and it has become a concept often used by Stylists when working with Artistes. 

Adekunle Gold’s Alte look styled by Emmy Kasbit

What do you think about this bold and expressive sense of style?

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