5 Things We Learned in School That are Totally Wrong

Education is still the key as they say, however, a lot of the supposed ‘facts’ we struggled to memorize in school and even taught other people as a show of our wiz are nothing but fallacies.

5 false facts we learned in school:

two palms of the hands showing blue veins

Your blood is blue when it’s deoxygenated: Your blood is always red whether or not it comes in contact with oxygen. The blue hue of veins in your body is a result of how your eyes absorb and see the color.


Chameleons always blend in with their backgrounds: Contrary to this widely held belief, chameleons not only have limited color options, their skin color changes to reflect their mood and not to match their background.

young woman blowing a gum out of her mouth

Swallowed gum will not digest for several years: This definitely scared a lot of us in our younger years into spitting out chewing gum. The truth is, an average person empties their stomach anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes – and your swallowed gum leaves your body at the same time.


Camels use their humps to store water: Who came up with this? I just want to talk! Camels mounds are filled with fat so they can travel several days through the desert without food – not water.


Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity when he was struck by lightning: First off, Benjamin Franklin was neither struck by lightning while flying a kite nor was he the first person to discover electricity. However, according to The Franklin Institute, he was one of the first people to observe it carefully and closely.




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