20 Black-Owned UK Streetwear Brands You Need To Cop This Autumn!

Streetwear fashion is fast becoming a way of life, from athleisure to loungewear. In the UK, several Black-owned brands are exploring this trend with new and creative twists for men and women. We’ve put together 20 of our faves!

Photo by David Gomes from Pexels
Photo by David Gomes from Pexels

Streetwear fashion has been around for a pretty long time, since the ’90s. Popularized by Surf boarders, Skateboarders and Hip-hop music, pop culture has now taken over. From sneakers to tees, here are 20 streetwear brands putting the ‘Afro’ in this cool urban look.

1. B-Side by Wale

Graffiti jacket - B Side by Wale
Graffiti jacket: B-side by Wale

Based in East London, B-Side is regarded as one of the pioneers of streetwear fashion in the UK. It was founded by Fashion Designer Wale Adeyemi in 1995. In its sterling 27 year history, the brand has established itself as a household name in streetwear style. From graphic Tees to accessories, this is a style-conscious and pop culture-centric brand.

2. Trapstar

AW Hooded puffer jacket by Trapstar
AW Hooded Puffer unisex jacket by Trapstar

At a time when streetwear fashion was experiencing a boom in the industry, this brand was founded in 2006 by Mikey, Lee, and Will. Inspired by the trap genre of music, Trapstar appeals to the UK Rap and grime community. It is also the first fashion brand to be affiliated with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Today, this dream begun by three childhood friends has become one of the most successful streetwear fashion brands in the UK. Spotted on the likes of A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Stormzy, The Weeknd, and Cara Delevingne, amongst others.

3. Marbek

Neo DPM tracksuit by Marbek
Neo DPM Tracksuit by Marbek

Inspired by the London street culture, Marbek was founded by two friends in 2010. In 2013, the duo made an official appearance with the release of the Camo Bomber jacket, the first of many premium pieces that would soon be associated with this brand.  Your faves like Jourdan Dunn, Winnie Harlow, Neymar Jr, Justin Bieber and Tinie Tempah are also hooked on Marbek!

4. Lagoniassa

Lagoniassa - featured 2
Pieces from Lagoniassa latest collection available at BIDHAAR store 

Athleisure has a home in South London with Lagoniassa, founded by Saheed Tijani and Daniel Manyinka. Inspired by femininity and a strong sense of community, this brand is creating with a focus to empower. They feature a unique range of authentic unisex designs in sneakers, garments, and accessories. You can cop the coolest pieces from Lagoniassa at our store in Peckham!

5. Ben Jart

Stripped grey track set by Ben Jart
Stripped grey track set by Ben Jart

A mix of local roots, European manufacturing, and global appeal. Ben Jart takes pride in its aesthetic detailing. With an aim to provide classic quality streetwear, their collections are a reflection of the thought and artistry that goes into each piece. For over a decade, this brand continues to transcend streetwear style with top-notch unisex releases.

6. Labrum


Labrum SS21 Collection: ‘The Cotton Tree’

Labrum is telling impactful stories from West Africa’s rich cultures in London. Founded in 2014 by Foday Dumbuya, the aim is to reintroduce West African culture to the western world with innovative designs. Thus, they cater to premium streetwear style for men in a hybrid of the Afrocentric and the urban. Labrum characterizes style as ‘practical clothing that is wearable and idiosyncratic.’

7. Marr

Be the source.”

Marr makes edgy streetwear that showcases an appreciation for art and graffiti. Their values resonate with boldness, authenticity, and a limitlessness of style. With these, they are building a community of people from all walks of life with one common need: to fully express.

8. Kiwi & Yam

Instant Sauce Hoodie Set Kiwi And Yam
Instant Sauce Hoodie set by Kiwi & Yam

Young, vibrant, and African. Kiwi & Yam has brought culture to the streets of London. This is an urban brand focused on showcasing the African narrative through prints like Ankara and Kente statement streetwear pieces. They also explore clothing that plays around common Nigerian lingo and lifestyle. It was founded in 2015, and with a need to empower the African narrative in the diaspora.

9. Drifters

Pieces by Drifters are available to shop at BIDHAAR store

Product of a traveller’s many vast experiences, Drifters was founded in 2015 by Latifah Usman. They create street style statements for men from clothing to accessories. It is a fusion of Nigerian, British, and Egyptian influences. The result is a conscious brand producing top quality pieces for the streetwear gang.

10. CANG

Jacket from The Rise Collection by CANG
The Rise Collection by CANG

CANG approaches streetwear with a minimalistic flair, making this contemporary brand accessible to a majority. It was founded by Jermaine Nwankwo, and is steadily making the rounds across the London fashion community as a brand to watch out for. Just ask the Hip-Hop Trio, Migos.

11. SSNOW 

Signature SSNOW Hoodie

This brand of premium streetwear fashion originates from the need to be oneself, to live without wondering what crowd you would fit into or whether you are ‘cool’ enough. SSNOW reemphasizes this statement with tees and hoodies that are fiery, icy or anything but regular.

12. Mowalola

Mowalola definitely loves her colours!

Mowalola was launched in 2017 by Nigerian-British Fashion Designer, Mowalola Ogunlesi. With a catchphrase that says, “Do what you want,” this brand resonates with liberation and a love for colour. Showcasing streetwear with an unconventional twist, their designs are inspired by Nigerian psychedelic rock. Solange Knowles approves!

13. Umi-1

Photo from releases by UMI-1

Pronounced as ‘you-me-one,’ Umi-1 is another representation of the Nigerian culture, with a blend of Japanese minimalism on British tailoring. Founded by Gozi Ochonogor, this brand revolves around a love for aesthetics and culture. Thus, another evidence that truly, streetwear has crossed the divide and become High Fashion.

14. Silks

Custom-embroidered silk shirts from Silks available at BIDHAAR store

Silks is a cool creative clothing brand that explores the beauty of silk fabrics by embroidering beautiful patterns on them. New on the block but definitely on your radar, this people-focused brand is amplifying identity from all walks of life. Thus, from silk shirts to hoodies, this vibe has got your covered this autumn!

15. Misemi

Naomi set by Misemi

Misemi was created for the people who love bold, unique, and bright clothing with streetwear influence. Since its launch in 2014, we can agree that a lot of Influencers are huge fans of the Misemi style. It has been spotted on the likes of Mr. Eazi, Julie Adenuga, Alicai Harley, and more. It has also been featured on music videos including Destinee Anthony and Da Beatfreakz.

16. Jiro

Reflective tie-dye shirt by Jiro

Founded in 2016, Jiro is an urban street-influenced high-end label. breaking boundaries with creativity. This wave of High-end fashion features casual favourites like Tees and denim jackets, uniquely designed.

17. Santei Studio

African-inspired streetwear by Santei

Santei Studio stands out with their luminous colours and appreciation for African print. With this, it explores the Ghanaian culture through a range of unique styles that feature the uniqueness of the Kente cloth.

18. Tax3

Hoodie set by Tax3

Launched in 2017, Tax3 is the streetwear brand that never seems to run out of motivation (and designs). They feature premium pieces for luxury shoppers who are not afraid to stand out and be different.

19. Gosse Au Coeur

Gosse Au coeur
Signature Hoodie from Gosse Au Coeur

The English translation of its name: ‘Kid at heart,’ will tell you a lot about this brand. Gosse Au Coeur was founded by Benjamin Kyei in 2017, inspired by urban youth culture and nostalgia from a childhood in East London. The defining theme of this brand’s style is the intriguing fact that its founder is colour-blind. A fact which is explored to the most innovative advantage.

20. Grind City LDN


Set by Grind City LDN

Grind City is ‘capturing London’s street culture with a cutting edge take on contemporary streetwear.’ Established in 2014, this brand draws inspiration from music and sports influences. Priding itself as a purposeful brand with a strong message, Grind City presents London’s lifestyle in top-quality.


Have you checked out some of premium streetwear brands we have available in-store like Lagoniassa, Silks, and Drifters? Stop by the store next time you’re in Peckham! It’s located at 133A Rye Lane, Ground Floor, Market Peckham, Peckham, London. United Kingdom. SE15 4BQ.


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