10 Wardrobe Essentials For Every Plus-Size Woman

As a plus-size woman, certain fashion rules are non-negotiable.

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and felt like it needed a total revamp because you couldn’t find the right fit for an occasion? A lot of Plus-size women can relate. Thing is, curvy women, have a harder time finding the right fits. This is due to a lot of factors, top of which is the fact that most brands don’t stock clothing items in larger sizes. Another factor is the common lack of awareness in plus-size women about what really suits them.

To help you figure it out, this is a curation of 10 wardrobe essentials that you should definitely not do without!

1. A great pair of jeans 

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The looks you can achieve with a great pair of jeans in your wardrobe cannot be over-emphasised. Some of the best options for plus-size women include Pencil, boot-cut, and straight-cut jeans. If you must go for boyfriend jeans, ensure that it’s more fitted than the regular.

2. White button-down shirt 

white shirt plus size
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On the days when you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look chic, the white button-down shirt is a real save. Pair with your jeans for a casual look, or corporate bottoms if you mean business. Oh, you can also wear shorts underneath and sneakers for that play date.

3. The Right Underwear 

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Shopping for underwear as a plus-size woman can be a real chore. Yet, nothing ruins a good outfit faster than a bra sticking out or the wrong panties. First, know your bra and pant size, then invest in some really great pairs. Not only will you look better wearing the right underwear, but you will also feel sexier and more confident. Use this bra guide and make the best choices.

4. Tank top 

white shirt plus size
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One basic tank top in your wardrobe equals a wide range of fashion choices. However, make it a point to add tank tops in various styles and colours to your shopping cart. For instance, v-necked tank tops are more flattering on plus-size women than their round-neck counterparts.

5. Blazers and Jackets 

kimonos and jackets
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Few things are sexier than a curvy girl who knows how to dress up a good pair of blazers. Find yourself one fitted blazer and/or a slightly baggy one. Either one, paired with a tank top and jeans or corporate pants? A fashion statement. Also, always look out for kimono jackets with nice prints. They are easy to throw on anything, grab a purse, and be on your way!

6. Statement accessory 

statement accesory
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One of the pluses of being plus-size (Oops, bad pun) is the liberty to wear the boldest of accessories. Don’t shy from getting neck-pieces with bold designs and flamboyant colours. Large hoops? Costume accessories? Hell yea. People will stare anyway, so make it worth their while.

7. Form-fitting skirt 

skirt plus size
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Contrary to what we used to hear in the past, form-fitting skirts are essential in every plus-size wardrobe. The trick is to go for solid and neutral colours like black, white, and nude. Pair these with a lighter coloured top and strut in style.

8. Wrap dress 

wrap dress plus size
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Wrap dresses are flattering to the curves and every plus-size woman should own one. When shopping for wrap dresses (or any dresses), favour capped or full sleeves over no sleeves.

9. Mules

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Nothing like a pair of 2 to 4-inch mules in your closet. Pencil or block heels, Mules are such a classy, stylish, and super comfortable accessory. Your best bet in shoes for a plus-size woman who wants to dress up or dress down.

10. Belts 

plus size fashion
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Wide or slim, belts will help accentuate your better assets. Cinching any outfit with a belt changes the entire look and enhances its ‘chic’ effect. Always choose solid neutrals over brighter colours when shopping for belts.

On Colours, prints, and patterns….

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Contrary to popular opinion, a plus-size woman can still wear bold colours, prints, and patterns. The trick is only in discovering what works best for your frame. As a rule, smaller and more delicate patterns should be considered. Also, when shopping for striples, opt for vertical stripes as they give you the illusion of a more trimmed frame.


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