10 Beauty And Skincare Secrets Every Man Needs To Learn

Gather round, Bros. What is your beauty and skincare routine? Is it non-existent because you assume it to be a thing for ‘just girls’ or are you taking the necessary steps to keep the ‘glow’ on?

Admittedly, skincare is not a topic you hear men discuss often, or ever. Yet, it is every bit as crucial a thing as it is for ‘us girls.’ To begin, 10 tips!

1. Cleansers are essentials

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Skip the soaps and invest in a good face cleanser that will open up your pores and revive your skin. When shopping for this, look out for products with vitamin C, aloe vera, and glycolic acid. Cleansers should be a key step in your beauty routine because it keeps the moisture in and the dirt out. Go figure.

2. Moisturize

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It is easy to forget that every bit of your skin needs to be moisturized because you wear clothes. If you sweat a lot, light usage should be considered. In any case, from face to feet, your skin will thank you for this shine. Moisturizers exist to repair, replenish, and amplify your glow.

3. Use lip balm

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Smacking your lips like a model in a testosterone-dripping ad is not a substitute for lip balm. These little tubes do not only belong in a lady’s makeup kit. They serve to soften your lips while keeping it hydrated and moisturized. Besides, it is a huge turn-off to show up to that date or meeting with chapped lips.

4. Mani-Pedi, please

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Treat yourself to a regular mani-pedi date every once in a while. ‘Little’ things like dirt under the fingernails or toenails are a telling sign of poor personal hygiene. Stay groomed, guys.

5.  The right way to dry your face

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Avoid the temptation to scrub your face with a towel after a shower. Slow it down a bit and master the art of pat-drying. Effective skincare is determined by simple things like drying your face.

6. Sunscreen

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It is really no secret that everyone needs sunscreen, but most men don’t get the memo. Sunscreen is a gift from science to you, for all-round protection. Sure, the sun is great for selfies, but it has harmful UVB rays that are bad for your skin. You need a good sunscreen with SPF 30 and above to keep you protected and slow down ageing. What’s more, wearing sunscreen reduces your risk of getting skin cancer by over 70%.

7. To shave or not to shave? 

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Now, the topic of shaving is a deeply controversial one. For some, underarm hair is sexy. For others, it is gross. The question though is this: Are you keeping it clean? It is predictably harder to maintain good hygiene when you have a lot of hair getting in the way of a good scrub. Underarms and pubic hair alike. Thus, to shave or not to shave? I’d leave that for you to decide.

8. Floss

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You are what you eat, but your teeth do not need to show that. After brushing (with a good whitening toothpaste), ensure to use a string of dental floss to remove underlying food particle. Let it be not be said that when you flashed that ‘killer smile,’ a piece of meat was hanging in there.

9. Hydrate

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An often-said yet rarely practised beauty secret is the simple act of drinking water. Staying hydrated is vital for your all-round skincare. Helps you maintain that outer glow while keeping your insides working fine.

10. Sleep

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This thing about a ‘beauty sleep’ is no myth. Everyone deserves substantial sleep and you, man, are not left out. Allow yourself ample time for sleeping and general rest. This will improve your skin glow while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Also, good sleep amplifies your mood and you want to look upbeat to make that impression.

So, which of these secrets have you been using and which one are you trying out ASAP? Do these and your skin (plus that lucky girl) will have a lot to thank you for. Anytime, man. 


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