Zerina Akers, The Stylist Behind Beyoncé’s Stunning Looks For ‘Black Is King’

Can we acknowledge the brilliance of Zerina Akers, style curator for Beyoncé’s stunning looks in Black is King? We were curious about what goes on in the mind of such a creative genius, and so we stalked (a little!)

And as you can see, a real stunner!

Since its release on the last day of July 2020, everyone has been talking about Beyoncé’s landmark film, Black is King.

The fashion enthusiasts, however, are most amazed by the lookbook of style inspiration that Queen Bey has (yet again!) dropped in our laps. In the course of her career, Bey has adopted different personas, but in recent times, there is a distinct style to her that aligns perfectly with everything we have come to love about Beyoncé.

The reason? Zerina Akers.

First things first, Zerina Akers has been styling Beyonce since 2014! However, the explosive transformation of recent times have been incredible, made all the more obvious by the phenomenal Black is King.

Zerina Akers describes her work ethic in her biography saying, “Fashion is not only about luxury; it’s about inspiring her clients to express their authentic selves. Beyond the brand names and glitz, style starts with the person first.”

As you can tell, Zerina Akers is no stranger to celebrity styling. She has worked with award-winning director Ava Duvernay, actress Yara Shahidi, and Beyoncé ‘s own protégés, Chloe and Halle. Today, she is Bey’s resident stylist and wardrobe curator.

What do we know about this creative genius? 

Zerina Akers

For one, she is the founder and curator of Black Owned Everything, a platform that supports black-owned businesses and causes.

Second, her Instagram feed screams love for style, family, and Beyoncé.

In an interview, she said of the superstar,

“Beyoncé pushes us to create something and, when you think you’ve got it, she pushes you further – often within a small time frame, I come out of every experience so much stronger because she allows us to be free to take risks and make explosive visual experiences. She’s a master of the craft and a phenomenal mentor who always enhances and elevates the project.”

Some of our favourite looks from Black is King:

Mary Katrantzou
Loza Maléombho
Michaela Stark

Which is your favourite look from Beyoncé in Black is King?

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