Why We Can’t Wait To See Temi Otedola Debut In Kunle Afolayan’s ‘Citation’

There never has been a time more primed for Kunle Afolayan’s latest film, Citation and billionaire daughter Temi Otedola is debuting as a lead actor! We can’t wait to see this film. Here is why.

Citation, The Movie.

The Plot 

Temi Otedola has made an entry into the film industry in the most ground-breaking way possible, with Citation, which speaks urgently about a societal menace, sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment used to be regarded as a taboo topic, but today, more and more people are embracing the liberty to talk about it. In October 2019, Kiki Mordi (A Nigerian Journalist and Film Maker) released a documentary ousting lecturers in Nigerian movies who force students into sex in exchange for better grades. With over 5 million views on Youtube and the hashtag #SexForTrades trending on social media, the impact was massive.

More and more hashtags continue to spring up every day to demand justice for yet another woman who has been raped or violated sexually. There is no escaping this scourge that society needs to purge, and there is no better time for a movie like Citation

Photo: @temiotedola, Instagram.

The Teaser

On September 7, 2020, the official teaser for Citation was released. It opens up in a court where the lead character Moremi Oluwa (played by Temi Otedola) faces a judge and her abuser, the university lecturer, played by Jimmy Jean-Louis.  The popular phrase, “She asked for it,” reverberates through this scene as Moremi attempts to plead her case.

This, oftentimes, is the case in universities when students summon the courage to report their lecturers to the authorities. These cases are often swept under the rug because these authorities either do not want the reputation of the school tainted or in cases where they are also friends with these lecturers and are perpetrators themselves, “cannot afford to lose the lecturer.” These students are also threatened with expulsion if they report the case with anyone else. We are curious as to how this familiar story will be portrayed, and better yet, how Temi Otedola will interpret her role as the abused. 

Photo: @kunleafo, Instagram.

The Cast 

Temi Otedola making a debut in such an important role as the lead character is such a big deal. She plays this role amidst a rich cast of new and not-so-new faces in the movie industry. This cast includes Gabriel AfolayanJoke Silva, Ini Edo, Bukunmi Oluwasina, French actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, and another debut by the Chairman of First Bank Nigeria, Ibukun Awosika.

We already know Temi Otedola for her effortless beauty and versatility of style. What are we to expect from her depiction alongside this elite cast? I guess there is only one way to find out.

While we wait for the movie’s official release, watch the teaser for Citation here and tell me what you think:

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