What Do WurlD And Asa Know That We Don’t?

Dear WurlD and Asa, When are we going to get this collaboration that just might produce the song of the year? It’s about time. Flood us!


On May 23rd 2020, Nigerian Afrosoul Hit-maker, WurlD, posted a picture of himself in a studio with Nigerian-French musical icon, Asa, on his Instagram page. As expected, the reactions were wild. What could two of Africa’s most talented music acts be planning together?

All of a sudden, this is the collaboration we have all been waiting for!

Mood: Are we really ready?

Fast forward to 6th August 2020, and both WurlD and Asa are posting more teasers on their Instagram pages, with Asa using emojis of an eagle and a butterfly in her captions (We know who the eagle and the butterfly is!)

These posts sparked a lot of buzz from fans and fellow artists alike. Is it one song? an EP, or a full album? Help us out, people.

Or, should we bank on the fact that the last time WurlD was on a collaboration with someone, they produced a full album?  “I Love Girls With Trobul,” WurlD’s first collaboration with Nigerian record producer, Sarz, was an electro-fusion of sounds that has earned him the title, ‘King of Afrosoul.’


What can we expect out of a collaboration with the acclaimed King of Afrosoul and the legendary Asa, who has redefined the entire genre of soul music in Africa and the diaspora? Magic.

In recent times, both Artists have been up to some magic as well. In 2019, Asa released her latest album, Lucid, while WurlD put out his Afrosoul EP in May this year.

As we wait and hope that they blow our minds in the coming weeks, enjoy some premium content from WurlD and Asa below:

Watch visuals for Asa’s ‘Murder in the USA,’ off the Lucid album:

Watch visuals for ‘Wayo,’ off WurlD’s Afrosoul EP:


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