Very Puzzled: Jigsaw Puzzles That Represent Our World

Where to find the best games for your family? Very Puzzled is creating jigsaw puzzles for connecting new worlds, learning through play, and the perfect family bonding time!

How is isolation time with the family going? Are you bonding nicely or looking for a way out? (Inserts cheeky smile).

The opportunity to spend more time with the people we love is one of the greater gifts from 2020 if we’re being honest. And, what should you be doing with all this time? make the most of it!

Very Puzzled is a global marketplace inspired to create family-friendly jigsaw puzzles showcasing different locations in Africa and its diaspora. The motivation is to educate African children about their cultures and the diverse world while developing their curiosities in a relaxed setting.

Africa Is a Magical Showcase

The Africa Map Puzzle By Very Puzzled

Founded by Ghanian entrepreneur, Patrick Adom, this jigsaw puzzle brand started out creating eight unique puzzle boxes featuring Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa, London, Kenya, and Africa.

Patrick Adom was inspired by a need to teach his young daughter about global diversity through everyday play tools and today, this dream is a full-blown achievement, currently seeking more creative ways to expand.

Very Puzzled Needs You

With an aim to create ten new puzzles distinctly portraying other countries including India, Very Puzzled has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Your contribution would be a step further in developing children by exposing them to cultural diversity through play.

Watch Patrick Adom talk about his motivation and the crowdfunding campaign here:


To make donations to the crowdfunding campaign, you can visit this page

Also, Very Puzzled products are available for purchase at the BIDHAAR store in London.   

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