Toxic: The Film That Makes You Wonder If Cinderella Was Just Lucky

‘Toxic’ is a mimed depiction of the sort of ‘relationship drama’ that leaves you with questions like;

Is the idea of true love really attainable? Or are most people just not as lucky as Cinderella? ‘Toxic’ makes you wonder.


This two-man mime drama is directed by the Nigerian visual storyteller Donald Asak (@thedrdonald), starring Nigerian creatives Victor Avo and Toria Chuks. It was released on the 19th of July 2020.

Without any words, ‘Toxic’ takes you on a journey through the all-too-familiar story of a love gone sour. When the scene opens at the beginning with a woman clutching her glass as Jorja Smith starts to play softly in the background, you realize immediately that something is wrong.


This is a tragic love story revolving around distrust, jealousy, and anger. All of these factors breed from ‘harmless’ acts like checking your partner’s phone and finding it impossible to come to terms with your findings. From here, the short drama lives up to its ‘Toxic’ name.

In a powerful combination of Jorja’s Smith’s soulful lyrics and fluid acting, the tension between both lovers ropes you in.

It also helps that the film runs for a little under two minutes. This keeps the message clear, crisp, and relatable. A job well done to the creative team.

Watch the video on IGTV below:

We would like to know what you think too. Is ‘Toxic’ another reason for you to give up on love or are you still a champion of the fairytale ending?


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