Top 5 African Islands For Tropical Vacation In 2020

African islands make for amazing tourism destinations with diverse selections of flora, fauna, and breath-taking scenery. Oh, and don’t forget the beaches! 

In addition to World Heritage Sites like the Cradle of Humankind and Victoria Falls, Africa has an array of exotic islands that you must visit at least once in a lifetime to satiate your inner tourist.

However, in light of the pandemic, you must also take precautions while traveling. Each location listed here comes with recommendations for Tourists, which you should follow judiciously while maintaining standard personal hygiene.

Without further ado, let’s take a cruise to the islands.

1. Sal, Cape Verde

sal-capeverde-Top 5 African Islands For Tropical Vacation In 2020 (1)

‘Sal’ means salt in the Portuguese language. This is an apt name for the white sprawling sandy beach in Cape Verde. This place is a must-visit for tourists who want to blend into the rich African culture. It is also noteworthy that Cape Verde is home to some of the finest islands in Africa.

2. São Tomé and Príncipe

sao-tome-and-principe-Top 5 African Islands For Tropical Vacation In 2020

São Tomé Island is located off the west coast of Central Africa. This island is popular among tourists for its various adventurous spots. It is the largest island of São Tomé and Príncipe. If you want to get an adrenaline rush, snorkel in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

3. Mauritius

Mauritius-island-Top 5 African Islands For Tropical Vacation In 2020

Mauritius has numerous beach resorts and stunning shores. It is a world-class site for activities like scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. More popular is the fact that Mauritius is a top destination for Honeymooners. It also serves as a cultural meeting point for African, Indian, and European influences.

4. Seychelles


Seychelles is located towards the east of Kenya. Visitors are drawn here for its white-sand beaches and azure waters for snorkeling and diving. A visit to Praslin, the second-largest island of Seychelles will keep you coming back for more.

5. Zanzibar


Zanzibar Island is the largest in Africa. It is located off the coast of Tanzania. Some of the best places to visit here include the Stone Town, the Old Fort of Zanzibar, Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Changuu, and Mnemba Island. Other attractions in the area include the markets, mosques, and courtyards.

Now that you have these ideas, are you planning to finally take that much-needed trip before the year runs out? If Yes, where will you be visiting first?

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