The Beginner’s Guide To Trending On Twitter – Facts!

Tired of tweeting without engagement on a platform where ANYONE can become a celebrity?

We all know that Jack’s Twitter is one of the most fun places to be. From the most trending gist to bants, this social media app is unrivalled. Enter: You, yet another millennial existing in the social media space. Thanks to the support of loving family and friends, those ‘smart’ tweets of yours have been averaging 3 to 10 likes. Meanwhile, somewhere else on the same Twitter universe, Chrissy Teigen is getting millions of impressions for saying, “I love tacos!”


Life isn’t always fair, right? This time though, I’ve got you. This is a prescription on how to boost your career as a Twitter celebrity! Facts only.

First of all, Introduction

Image: Twitter

Congratulations on all your amazing life achievements, but the path to Twitter celebrity status does not require all that information. You can save all your elevator pitches for your Linkedin, people. Now, how to craft a bio that really stands out? It’s simple but not so simple. You want to reflect a persona that makes people want to click that follow button, to know what this person is about. Take a cue from our good friend Trevor Noah up here!

Engage, Connect, Repeat! 

Do you agree? Image: Twitter

The beauty of Twitter is how much of a levelling ground it is, and this is the surest path to stardom. Here, you can find all your favourite Influencers/celebrities, and quote their tweets with outrageous things. No, this is not the time to ask Cardi B how she juggles being a Mum and a bad b*tch. Be outrageous, witty, and absolutely provocative. News flash: the celebrity doesn’t even need to respond to get that tweet blowing up. It’s like Big Brother. Everyone is watching!

Tweet like nobody’s watching 

Image: Twitter

When Twitter asks you “What’s happening?” it really is an invitation for you to be your most authentic self, Boo! So, say anything you want on the most trending topics. Never be afraid to get in the mud with other Tweeps for airing out your views and stories. Oh, and you better keep those clapbacks hand. These streets are anything but safe.

Develop the “Awwwn” effect 

Image: Twitter

Seriously, you need to give them content! Few things blow up as fast as a #RelationshipGoals post. The “awwn” effect should have you sharing fun, intimate, and incredibly mushy content about your partner. I mean, I know you might say you don’t have a partner yet but hey, Tiktok videos are proof that you can make one up for yourself. All you need is nice-looking face with average acting skills (Don’t quote me!)

Aha, Thirst Traps!

Image: Twitter

You think slaying is for the gram but Twitter is most likely going to get you that engagement you crave. So, post those nudes today! Calm down, nothing too dramatic. A little skin here and there, you know. Okay, too much? Thirst traps are relative. So, share those really cute selfies you’ve been hoarding in your gallery too!


That’s it for today, people. My sure-fire Twitter guide to getting you famous even when your regular life sucks. I will be heading back to my small community of 247 followers (and counting, mind you!) Don’t judge me.

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