Suuyar, Official Sponsor At BIDHAAR’s Press Night

Suuyar is our “grilling” sponsor for BIDHAAR Press Night, one day away! Introducing you to the best of African street food and tastebuds from home!

suuya-nigerian-cuisine Suya is spicy meat prepared over a skewer and popular across West Africa and Sudan

Suuyar is a UK-based Food brand that presents African street food in a restaurant-quality way with an innovative and unique style. They have the best of grilled meat and grilled fish, enjoyed massively in several parts of Africa and its diaspora.

You are invited.

Suuyar will be bringing the spice to the party at our press night and we’re super excited! From this sponsor, expect a burst of seasoned tastes from home. Enjoy Afrourban vibes with premium street food like Suya and Asun.

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